Program FAQs

Am I Eligible for the Program?

All residents within the physical limits of the Town of Ossining (including the Village of Ossining and part of Briarcliff Manor) are able to participate.

Does it Cost Anything to Participate?

Participation is completely free! Starter kits are available from the Town for $20, but you are welcome to use any container to collect and transport your food scraps.

How Do I Participate in the Program?

COLLECT food scraps in a counter-top pail. Although not required, you may line your pail with a compostable bag – NO plastic bags are allowed even if labeled biodegradable.

TRANSFER the food scraps to a larger bin for storage between drop-offs. It is recommended that the bins be stored in the house or garage – not outside where wildlife may find them.

BRING your bin to the Food Scrap Recycling drop-off site at Cedar Lane Park to dispose of your food scraps as often as needed.

Where Do I Bring My Food Scraps?

Please click here to view drop-off site locations and hours.

Where Do the Food Scraps Go?

The materials are brought to Sustainable Materials Management, Inc. in Cortlandt Manor which turns discarded food scraps into a safe and nutritious soil amendment for gardens, landscaping, and agricultural use. 

Is ‘Compostable’ the Same as ‘Biodegradable’?


Compostable items are made of plant-based materials that break down in the composting process. Plastic items labeled “biodegradable” are made of plastic that breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic and will contaminate the compost.

Will My Compost Pail Smell Bad?

Collecting food scraps should not be any more messy or smelly than putting food scraps in your trash. The same materials are being collected – just in a different container.

You are also welcome to drop off your scraps as often as you’d like. If you have any questions related to your specific situation, please contact us.